Tero Juuti

Identity & Logos

Roxeteer Media logo

I designed a visual identity for Roxeteer Media, a web development company. The yellow color was already in use and looked nice, so the main thing to figure out was the logo. I ended up with a letter R that multiplies into several copies of itself. This represents both the web pages the company makes and the scale of expertise. And it looks quite nice. The number of R's can even vary since the outcome is still very recognizable. The animation is presented here as a GIF, but it's also possible to recreate it with code.

Espoo Visual Festival

The City of Espoo started a new festival for visual arts in 2019, and asked me to design the visual identity for it. The Espoo Visual Festival was held in mid-September in Träskända mansion and grounds. Featured artworks were mostly light art, video and installation.

The logo consists of three initials of the festival's name. Letterforms are simple and strong and the "depth" of the letter is the same as the line thickness. The letters can morph from one shape to another (below). The outlined version below is meant only for use in very light backgrounds, otherwise the letters have no outlines.

The background of the logo & other elements is a moving landscape of lines reminiscent of neon lights on a dark blue background. For still image use the designer can choose different moments from the background animation for easy variety, and for videos the motion creates a nice sense of space. The lines can also be on top of images.

A motion advertisement for the festival.
The lightbox with the logo in the festival grounds.

Choir conductor competition logo

A fun little typography/lettering job: I was asked to make the logo for Suomalainen kuoronjohtajakilpailu (the Finnish choir conductor competition) and came up with this solution. All letters form a rising shape that can refer to singing. The original letterforms were hand-lettered and subsequently cleaned up a bit (but not too much to maintain some irregularity which I like). Some letters react to each other both horizontally and vertically so the logo is quite lively. The event poster I also designed is below.

Finnish Photobook Award


A logo designed for a new Finnish Photobook Award (http://photobookaward.fi/) that’s being awarded for the first time in 2017.

The symbol is a mix of books’ pages and a shutter. I personally like the symmetry of it quite a lot. The type is custom-made, all the A’s are missing the horizontal line so they’d look a bit like books from the side. The lines of the letters also continue between different letters on the same or next lines, where possible without it being too attention-grabbing.




Media-avain (Media Key in english, though the site is only in Finnish for now) is a web-based service giving parents more accurate tools to estimate the suitability of media (movies etc.) for kids, compared to only loooking at the age ratings. It also provides advice for discussion.

I designed the logotype for the service and since they deal with and advertise in movies, it made sense to have an animated version also. The symbol itself is a bit cryptic and gives room for interpretation. It also includes the initial letters of the words Media and Avain, but it’s not immediately obvious when seen without the other text. The colors come from the rating colors used on the site, blending together for more tones.