Tero Juuti


About me

I’m an experienced freelance graphic designer specializing in typography, lettering, motion graphics and identity design, although I also enjoy working with book design & illustration projects. I also do consulting and teaching. Some of my favorite work (though not necessarily the most visible or made for the biggest clients) is presented on these pages, but not nearly everything I’ve done is here. In case you would like to see more stuff and/or have any questions or comments, and of course if you think we could work together on some nice project, please get in touch. I’m based in Helsinki, Finland.


In addition to design work, I also teach customized courses about graphic design and design tools (applications, typography etc.). I’ve held courses in all the major Finnish design schools (Aalto University, Lahti University of Applied Sciences, Metropolia) as well as private companies. More about courses in Finnish.


You can contact me by mail at tero.juuti@gmail.com or call +358 40 829 4670. No fax, sorry.
And feel free to check out my Instagram while you’re at it.