Tero Juuti

Focus – experimental pixel graphic exhibition

My first private exhibition was on April 2019 in Galleria Kuvitus (The Finnish Illustration Association‘s members’ gallery) in Helsinki. I wanted to experiment with varying pixel sizes (and therefore the viewing distance), so the main works were three 1 x 1 meter prints of Kallio (a neighborhood in Helsinki), Taroko National Park in Taiwan and Tokyo, Japan. The prints were started as 12 x 12 pixel images, and then continued with smaller and smaller pixel size in parts of the image, until the smallest details were just barely visible as pixels in the final prints.

Since the idea of the works was to play with the viewing distances, it’s a challenge to present them in other forms than the original prints. Video works decently, so here’s an animated version showing each work with a zoom to/from a selected detail.

The works looked like this on the gallery itself.

The fourth work is a collection of 16 pixelated images from different places, some having to do with the large prints and some unrelated. They were also arranged to a square form. The smaller works were made in a single pixel size each. Animation about the smaller works is below.

The works were a lot of fun to make and show, and the idea worked quite well, in some places even better than I had hoped. Quite many people showed up too, which is always nice. Thanks again to all the visitors!